Wilfred Halloween Costumes

There’s really no other character on television like Wilfred. Wilfred is unique in that he is a dog, but appears to the main character as a man in a dog’s costume.  The show follows the relationship between the main character, Ryan and his neighbor’s dog. So how can fans of this show celebrate Halloween? Well, the simple answer is dressing up as Wilfred, of course. Fans can easily purchase an officially licensed Wilfred costume and show off their admiration for this anthropomorphic character at WilfredCostumes.com. Continue reading

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Who is Wilfred?

Described by executive producer, David Zuckerman as a mix between a Labrador and Russell Crowe, the title character of Wilfred is a dog that is seen by his neighbor as an Australian man in a dog costume. Wilfred has a rather rough personality and enjoys smoking cigarettes and marijuana. He also likes eating cheese and peanut butter. While Wilfred acts “human” in the sense he talks to Ryan and walks on two feet, there are many times in the show where he acts like a dog. For example, in the first episode, Ryan finds Wilfred digging a hole in his backyard and when asked why he is doing that, Wilfred says he has anxiety because his owner is gone. Continue reading

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Get a Wilfred Bear (for Free!)

At the surface Ryan seems to be Wilfred’s best friends. However, a furry stuffed Bear is the true owner of Wilfred’s heart. In the epicenter of Wilfred’s angst and frustration Bear is always there. No matter what trouble Wilfred lands in, Bear is not far behind silently judging the Australian trouble maker.

Like most “lovers” for dogs, Bear is a giant stuffed animal with chew marks every where from long nights with Wilfred. Appropriately sized, Bear is just slightly smaller than Wilfred for absolute comic relief.

Though Bear is just a stuffed animal, this partner-in-crime has the most to say about Wilfred’s shortcomings. He/she (we don’t really know Bear’s sex) only speaks through Wilfred. Rarely does Wilfred agree with Bear and only argues with his silent partner propped against the wall or couch. Wilfred is always abusing Bear, throwing insults every direction. Despite this the two “remain” together, even after multiple breaks ups and spats.

The truth is that Wilfred is nothing without his better half. Bear sits in the corner waiting for any moment that Wilfred needs it, even when Wilfred ignores Bear for days.

Throughout seasons one and two Wilfred helped his buddy Ryan find the meaning of life. During this time Wilfred also seemed to learn a thing or two about how important Bear is to his life. A short fling with “clingy” stuffed giraffe Raffy truly put things in perspective for Wilfred. Though he knows he likes having Bear around and knows he needs Bear in ways, he still takes Bear slightly for granted.

Let’s face it- when you’re planning your Wilfred costume it is literally incomplete without his lover, Bear. Why do you need Bear at your side?

Bear is a friend, always there to pick up the pieces of Wilfred’s life.

Bear is a lover. Wilfred always broadcasts this.

Bear is a fighter. In Wilfred’s mind Bear is always questioning his decision and starting fights, but all in the name of love.

The good news is you don’t have to be without Bear. We are giving away ten Bears to lucky readers!

The rules are simple…

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What is that Show Wilfred All About?

Adapted from an Australian Television Series by the same name, FX’s Wilfred follows the life of a troubled young man named Ryan and his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred. The show is unique in that Ryan sees and hears Wilfred as an anthropomorphic character. Along the way, Wilfred helps Ryan redefine his identity, gain confidence and figure out what kind of life he wants to live. Continue reading

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Recap: Suspicion

Why is Ryan Newman so resentful towards his father?

This is the only question we can ask and hope is explained as season two of Wilfred rolls out. Many want to know if maybe Wilfred is a figment of Ryan’s imagination, but I can’t help but think that Ryan’s dad has something to do with that, too.

Throughout Suspicion we watched as Ryan and his sister Kristen attempted to grow closer as she needed him to babysit baby Joffrey. Kristen is looking to move on with her life, divorce and ex-lovers behind her. The fresh start may just be with yoga pal, Michael.

Wilfred and baby Joffrey are BFFs until Michael picks up Bear and “flirts” with Joffrey using her. At the same time Ryan immediately thinks that there is something more to Michael than what is at the surface. While Wilfred is upset with Joffrey for breaking the “bro code” with Bear, Ryan is giving Michael 20 questions about his intentions with Kristen. The two depart for their date and Wilfred proclaims that Michael smells like “nether regions.”

The classy duo head out while Kristen is gone to figure out if Michael is a two-timing slag or if he really is the nice guy that Kristen thinks. They find Michael’s car outside a restaurant and break in to examine the evidence. In his GPS they find the address of an agency and head over. As they take baby Joffrey with them to the undisclosed address they realize it is a brothel.

Upon returning home Kristen and Michael are waiting for them, upset that they took baby Joffrey out without his hat. The irresponsible behavior makes Kristen proclaim that their father, not Ryan, would get legal custody of Joffrey if anything would happen to Kristen.

In the heated moment Ryan explains that he doesn’t trust Michael and that he visited a brothel before seeing Kristen. It is then that we learn that Michael is a gynecologist who does charity work at the brothel on the ladies. Kristen explains that she knew this because their father set her up with him.

The relationship doesn’t work out, but Ryan realizes there’s more than what is at the surface regarding the situation. He breaks his silence with his father and calls him to tell him that he needs to butt out of his life.

So we can only assume…

Ryan’s dad probably isn’t as bad as Ryan makes him out to be. And this problem stems back way further than the origin of Wilfred.

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